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Welcome to VEEINC - Your Prosperity Partner in Staffing and Recruitment

VEEINC is not just a staffing and recruitment agency; we are architects of career success, dedicated to reshaping the employment landscape in Southern Ontario and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founded in 2017, our dynamic team is committed to revolutionizing the way employers find top-tier talent for their staffing needs, specializing in comprehensive staffing and recruitment services that drive unparalleled success for clients and open new avenues of professional growth for employees.

Our Vision:

At VEEINC, we envision a future where staffing goes beyond the ordinary. We are here to redefine your expectations and deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique needs.

What Sets Us Apart:

Comprehensive Expertise: We specialize in staffing and recruitment, excelling in identifying and securing candidates with the precise skills and qualifications required for your industry.

Strategic Solutions: Beyond mere placements, we provide strategic staffing solutions that contribute real business value, ensuring a positive impact on your organization's success.

Diverse Industry Reach: Our employment services span various industries, offering a broad range of opportunities for both employers and job seekers, from temporary staffing solutions to full-time placements.

Career Architects: VEEINC is your partner in professional success, creating pathways that lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers. We go beyond the traditional to craft opportunities that elevate the careers of our candidates.

Our Journey:

Founded in 2017, VEEINC has rapidly evolved into a leading staffing and recruitment agency, committed to excellence and dedicated to connecting employers with qualified candidates.

Our Commitment:

From temporary staffing solutions to full-time placements, we are committed to connecting employers with qualified candidates, ensuring the perfect match for both parties. Our dedication to excellence drives us to exceed expectations and redefine the staffing and recruitment landscape.

As VEEINC expands its footprint into Ann Arbor, Michigan, we invite employers and job seekers in the region to experience the transformative power of tailored staffing and recruitment solutions. For inquiries or partnership opportunities, contact us today.


VEEINC is a leading staffing and recruitment agency founded in 2017, committed to excellence. We specialize in comprehensive placements throughout Southern Ontario and Ann Arbor, Michigan, connecting employers with qualified candidates and creating impactful opportunities for professional growth.

Get in Touch:

For media inquiries, contact Paul Whitaker at sales@veeinc.ca.

Welcome to VEE, where your success is our mission.

Our employment services encompass all levels of professional experience and span a broad range of industries and companies.


VEE will support all your general labour, production labour, welders, machine operators, warehouse support, G drivers, DZ drivers, AZ drivers, forklift operators, cherry pickers, light manufacturing, white collar and quality control positions.

Our people are:· Reliable, Available for temporary and permanent placements, Available for all shifts, Available with a quick turnaround & Local.

When your organization needs strategic temporary support for a day, a week, or longer, please contact us to discuss.

VEE is your Prosperity Partner.